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Almost every crypto investor is an armchair financial analyst. Please tread lightly.

I will preface this by giving all glory to God, and an admission, and it hurts me to do this. Im trying to get this out in as little amount of words as possible so I don't waste your time or mine, or hurt any feelings. I also don't want to puff myself up, and come from a place of pride. If this is one of the last posts you read on ethtrader let this one be it.

My credentials for anyone interested. I worked at Deloitte, before the DAO hack, and I have been invested in Ethereum for a long time with a lot of money. I wont tell you how much i have/had, when I sold or how much I have made. Let your imagination wander. I have a background in digital advertising, and basically all things business, tech, etc, etc.

Now lets begin. Be careful who you listen to. Most people are trying to sell you something, and this usually comes at the cost of transparency, and a lot of lies are usually baked in. The only thing im trying to sell you here is for you to do your due diligence always, and ask the right questions, and a lot of questions. There will usually always be someone bigger,faster,stronger than you. Swallow your pride, and ask for help. It will save you the stress, and years of your life.

Be extremely wary of everyone. This is my first thread back on ethtrader in like 2 years i think, so this is very important, and i want you to hear this. I have been run off, and if you run me off again, i might just short eth. The reason I came back is because of this thread right here.

There were two truths, and lie so to speak. Sort of a passive aggressive concern troll if you will. Im not going to pick apart this whole thread unless you want me to, and if i have the time and an audience.

A lot of things stood out to me. The section on token economics however had the most meat on it, specifically, because I do not know the original posters credentials. I could doxx him, but im not going to waste my time, and I could pm him, but again im not going to waste my time. This thread has already wasted 5 minutes already. His understanding of token economics were seriously flawed. Im not going to drag him or Kyle Samani from multicoin capital, but I will allow someone else too. Here is the link he posted in regards to token economics.

I don't believe the OP has a degree in economics from an accredited university either. He's also probably not a physicist or getting constantly poached by facebook.

Here is the rebuttal to OP, and Kyle Samani. Its an extremely funny read if you have the time, and can understand what is being said just a little. You don't have to understand all of it or the complex math either.

I would use the rest of this post to tell you how im 100% in BAT, and im not shorting it, and that trading is an extremely bad idea if you dont know what you are doing, and that leverage is 100x worse. I will try and cut it short here though. The op that I didn't want to call out, basically suggested shorting BAT. This is a very risky thing to do with leverage, and I would even arguing against longing it with leverage which would help me and my friends tremendously. Im not here to sell BAT to you, im here to help you, and tell you all to think for yourselves and ask questions. Im doing very well for myself, and I could be doing a lot better. My goals are on a longer time frame than most. I don't use leverage because i have patience and i can wait, and i like to minimize risk. Anyways heres the rebuttal to mr.short that is trying to slander BAT, and FUD and make sure his position is padded. He wants BAT holders to sell so he doesn't get liquidated. Theres just one problem. Him and others are at the risk of liquidation. He is probably using

Mr. short probably doesnt realize just how risky is and he is suggesting others to use it and short BAT. Maybe I misread his post, but im not trying to waste any more time, and im not doing any more research for this post. Had to speed read this article

In short, Maker DAI is one of the more complicated ethereum projects, and Mr. Short is probably in over his head, or he has balls of steel, or hes such a scumbag hes going to try, and hurt other people, and i have a huge issue with that.

My final words to you would be to trust your heart, do your research, ask the right questions, be humble, dont hurt others, dont lie, and support ethereum related projects. MKR, and BAT included. You dont have to buy BAT or MKR, just don't lie or spread a lot of FUD or misinformation. Mr. Short probably will not change his opinion if he sees this. He is probably too prideful instead of humble. Not trying to attack the guy, and i will apologize, but im here to help. This technology is all still very nascent. We don't have a single dapp that is widely recognized by the world yet. Why spit on other projects including bitcoin. Lets all work together, and focus on the tech. I know you guys might be heavily in the red on your portfolios, and might be feeling pretty down, but we will stay down here unless this stuff catches on. Run an ethereum node, submit code to github for your favorite projects, report bugs, buy tokens, download brave, tell your family about BAT. Lets stop fighting and work together to make blockchain technology mainstream. If you want ethereum to succeed, you at least need to support pretty much all projects built on top of it. Chainlink,Auger,Golem,0x,MKR,OMG etc etc all need your help and i dont even own them, and some of them even hurt my position in BAT that im 100% in. Im trying to be honest and transparent here guys. A lot of people wont do this. Im not asking you to trust me. Just please read this post and think hard. Sorry for all the words and if i hurt anyone. Im done, thank you for your time :)

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